Voice at VaynerMedia, situational design and sound with Claire Mitchell

Voice at VaynerMedia, situational design and sound with Claire Mitchell 1800 1200 Kane Simms

VaynerMedia are one of the leading global digital agencies. Director of Innovation at VaynerSmart, Claire Mitchell, joins us to share how VaynerMedia approach voice, as well as sharing some insights on situational design and sound design.

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In this episode

What is situational design? What does it mean for the creation of your voice application? Claire Mitchell of VaynerMedia joins us in this episode to find out.

In this episode, we take deep dive into situational design and how you can apply it to your voice first applications, Alexa skills or Google Assistant actions.

Claire also has a passion for sound design and identifies this as an area of focus for voice in 2020. We speak to Claire about how VaynerMedia have used effective sound design to improve VUX and Claire also shares some examples of use cases and applications where sound design is being used to great effect.

We also have a general chat about voice at VaynerMedia and Claire’s experience in voice technology and smart home VUI overall.


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