The voice design sprint with Maaike Coppens

The voice design sprint with Maaike Coppens 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Maaike Coppens returns to share how you can go from zero to hero in one voice design sprint. From nothing at the beginning to a a validated use case and prototype at the end, with fun in the middle. 

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In this episode

You can’t design conversations without having them. This is Maaike’s core message, and it’s true. That’s why the voice design sprint was born.

Taken from the core principles behind the book, Sprint, by Google’s Jake Knapp, and the Google voice sprint methodology, Maaike has adapted and created a version of the design sprint that’s perfect for voice.

Everyone speaks differently and approaches a conversation from a different starting point. The art of conversation design is to create an experience that works for all and is personalised where it needs to be.

However, sometimes we’re limited by the technology we’re working with.

For people who’re new to conversation design or voice design, it’s often thought that conversations with voice assistants just happen and that the sky is the limit. You know, because the ‘AI’ will handle everything.

In reality, that’s not the case and there’s a certain amount of education and grounding required to show the limitations of the technology and what a realistic conversation looks like.

Enter the voice design sprint

Through a series of ‘serious games’ and interactive exercises, that’s exactly what this voice design sprint does.

In this episode, Maaike takes us through the voice design sprint workshop format and runs through the exercises so that you can try them in your own voice design sprints.


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