Scoring voice experiences with Joel Beckerman

Scoring voice experiences with Joel Beckerman 1800 1200 Kane Simms

This week, Dustin Coates and I discuss the importance of sound design in voice experiences with the founder of Man Made Music, Joel Beckerman.

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Sound design for voice experiences

Man Made Music were voted the third most innovative company in music, behind Apple and Spotify. Its founder; author and composer, Joel Beckerman, has scored experiences for the world’s most iconic brands, including AT&T, Disney, Nissan, Mercedes, Southwest Airlines and IMAX, to name a few.

On this episode, Joel joins us to discuss:

  • The importance of scoring experiences, such as theme parks and electric cars
  • Branding opportunities within sound design
  • Sonic cues and subtlety
  • User centric sound design
  • What’s missing from most voice experiences?
  • What happens when you recreate the sound scapes for three Alexa skills?
  • Are smart speakers changing audio branding?
  • What’s involved in creating a sonic identity?
  • The importance of a brand anthem
  • How brands can get started with sonic branding for voice assistants
  • What will the future sound like?


Visit the Man Made Music website

Check out Joel’s book: The Sonic Boom: How Sound Transforms the Way We Think, Feel and Buy

Visit Joel’s website

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