Unleash the real power of DialogFlow with Rob Lubow, CMO, Botcopy

Unleash the real power of DialogFlow with Rob Lubow, CMO, Botcopy 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Botcopy is a Google Cloud Partner that augments the workflow and usability of DialogFlow, making the front end messenger interface customisable.

Usually, if you build a chatbot using Google’s popular DialogFlow platform, when you embed that chatbot on your website, the UI is a little lame. You can’t do much customisation. You can’t have the chatbot widget reflect your brand or your style. This is what Botcopy does: it allows you to customise the chatbot UI; the thing your customers interact with.

And it’s more than that. Perhaps you’d like to have a slightly different experience for users who are logged in. Maybe, you’d like to use the context of the webpage to tailor the customer conversation. For example, if a customer is on a ‘Contact Us’ page, your chatbot could ask “Which department are you trying to reach?”

Using the context of a customer journey and situation will enable you to create far more personalised and relevant conversational experiences. This is where Botcopy shines.

In this episode, we’re joined by Botcopy CMO, Rob Lubow to discuss the what, how and why of DialogFlow augmentation. Plus, some deep discussions on AI ethics, cognitive bias and the future of the economy and society in an increasingly AI-mediated world.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction and presenting VUX World @ VOICE22 Presented by Kore AI
Find out more at https://voicesummit.ai/agenda
03:54 What is botcopy?
06:28 The idea behind botcopy
13:38 Front end UI for chatbots
17:30 Pre empt customer needs
20:40 Educating the market Vs being found
29:10 Effect AI has on the economy and businesses
37:30 AI taking over peoples jobs
42:30 Gradual or noticeable changes?
45:35 Cost saving vs social values
52:45 Cognitive bias
58:28 Bullsh*t Man
1:04:14 Outro

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