Why do most chatbots fail? With Dawn Harpster, Talkdesk

Why do most chatbots fail? With Dawn Harpster, Talkdesk 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Dawn Harpster, Senior Conversation Architect at Talkdesk, joins us to discuss why most chatbots fail, and how you can design successful digital assistants.

With over a decade of experience designing conversational interfaces, Dawn Harpster is part of a rare breed. Currently Senior Conversation Architect at Talkdesk, Dawn joins me for a conversation about why most chatbots just aren’t that good.

What mistakes do conversation designers commonly make? What skills do conversation designers often lack? What are some of the common misconceptions that we have in the industry today? Does your digital assistant really need a personality? All will be revealed, plus top tips on how to do things right!


In this episode

00:00 Introduction and presenting VUX World @ VOICE22 Presented by Kore AI
Find out more at https://voicesummit.ai/agenda
02:50 Dawns experience in conversational AI
05:00 Philosophy on persona / personality design
08:33 Approaching dialogue design
13:20 Will all assistants require similar personas?
15:38 Where psychology and conversation design meet
19:55 Things people get wrong
23:43 Challenges faced today
32:47 What has changed and developed in conversational AI
37:10 Starting with happy paths?
40:43 Should virtual assistants apologize?
44:08 Testing conversations
48:25 Approaches to iterative improvement
50:22 The biggest challenges faced
52:22 Where conversation design is going
59:50 Outro

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