Scaling a conversation design practice with Meredith Schulz, Sr. Conversation Design Manager, LivePerson

Scaling a conversation design practice with Meredith Schulz, Sr. Conversation Design Manager, LivePerson 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Meredith Schulz, Sr. Conversation Design Manager, LivePerson, joins us to talk about how to effectively scale a conversation design practice.

Meredith Schulz has scaled LivePerson’s conversation design practice from 3 to 12 people in the last couple of years. As the Sr Conversation Design Manager, Meredith has barrels of experience in conversation design best practice and tons of learnings on what it takes to grow your team successfully. Meredith and I will be chat about key considerations and learnings for scaling a conversation design team: process and principles, governance and management, documentation and artefacts, design and development overlap, roles and responsibilities, channels and design nuances, readiness and optimisation and much much more.

We get into some specifics on the best ways to go from one solitary conversation designer, to an actual team. What other roles do you need? And what jobs do they perform?

We chat deeply about conversation design artefact production: why produce flow charts and diagrams? How do you properly document the conversation flow, as well as the technical requirements needed to bring it to life? What about publishing your assistant on multiple channels, with multiple differing front-end or technical capabilities? How should that effect your design? We answer that here.

We also talk about the ever evolving design system that Meredith and her team is creating and learn how a consistent test and learn approach to conversation design, mixed with an effective design system enables scaling conversation design teams to create quickly and consistently.

We also spent some time talking specifically about design considerations and use cases for Apple Business Messaging, the role and future of the ‘AI trainer’ and plenty more.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction and presenting VUX World @ VOICE22 Presented by Kore AI
Find out more at https://voicesummit.ai/agenda and save 20% on tickets with the code VUX20
02:50 Where Meredith started her conversation design journey
05:50 Was LivePerson always an AI company?
08:10 Adoption to more channels inc. Apple Business Messaging
14:19 What use cases are working well for messaging?
17:21 Merediths role as Sr. Conversation Design Manager
21:22 Considerations for recruiting a conversational AI team
27:15 The role of an AI optimiser
31:20 The conversation design system
36:30 Testing conversational sequences
38:50 Job roles in conversation design teams
43:24 Benefits and drawbacks of creating design artefacts
47:12 Conversation design artefacts and complexity
54:00 How to document conversation designs for omni-channel
57:50 Advice for conversation design teams
59:22 Outro

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