Voice strategy advice with Amazon Alexa Chief Evangelist, Dave Isbitski

Voice strategy advice with Amazon Alexa Chief Evangelist, Dave Isbitski 1800 1200 Kane Simms

We’re honoured to be joined by Amazon Alexa Chief Evangelist, Dave Isbitski, to discuss the conversations that he’s having at C-Suite level about how brands should be approaching voice and where it’s all heading.

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In this episode

Dave Isbitski is the Chief Evangelist at Amazon Alexa and spends his days touring the world speaking and educating brands on why they should be adopting a voice strategy and how they can do it.

We chat to Dave about what he’s observing at Chief Exec level within brands across different industries and how he’s advising brands to approach voice. We also look at the bigger picture, where voice is heading and what brands can do today to put themselves in prime position tomorrow.

This is a key episode for digital and innovation leaders and C-Suite execs as you’ll hear first hand from Amazon on how you should be thinking about and approaching voice in your company. From visioning and scene setting to resourcing, planning and scaling. You’ll also hear about the opportunities that are waiting for you once you start down this path.

It’s also an important episode for anyone working at agency level, as you’ll see some of the techniques Dave uses to sell voice to big companies and understand where the technology and user behaviour is heading.

We dive into details on:

  • Voice in the enterprise
  • Short and long term roadmap planning
  • The similarities between voice now and mobile then
  • How to get users to discover your skills
  • Conversation design
  • Relationship building
  • The future of voice and how to plan for it

Lots of you sent your questions in for us to ask Dave, which we do at the end and Dave shares plenty of tips for designers, developers, agencies and creators in this space.

Thanks to everyone who sent their questions in, it was a great way to end the show.


Dave’s details: thedavedev.com

Dave Isbitski on Twitter

Vote and propose Alexa features: alexa.uservoice.com

Dave’s podcast: alexadevchat.com

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