International VUX design best practice workshop

International VUX design best practice workshop 1920 1080 Kane Simms

If you’re looking to create voice applications for Alexa and Google Assistant, check out this run through of VUX design best practice from across the globe.

These insights were taken from over two years and one hundred podcast recordings with voice AI and conversational AI industry thought leaders and experts, as well as two year’s worth of designing and developing voice applications ourselves.

We cover:

  • Why VUX design is similar to service design
  • Stage theory and the component parts of VUX design
  • Conversational design definition and mental model
  • Dialogue design techniques and how to build trust with dialogue
  • Sonic branding and sound design
  • Persona design and psychology

Whether you’re just starting out trying to build your first Alexa skill or Google action, or whether you’re a seasoned pro VUI designer, there’ll be insights in here that you can take into your work.

This workshop was recorded live at Project Voice, Chattanooga, Tennessee in January 2020.

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