ZeroShotBot and the future of conversational AI with Prof. Jason Mars

ZeroShotBot and the future of conversational AI with Prof. Jason Mars 1600 1200 Kane Simms

Clinc co-founder, author and founder of ZeroShotBot, Prof. Jason Mars shares how he’s building the future of conversational AI.

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Conversational AI without training

Clinc co-Founder, Author, Founder and CEO of ZeroShotBot, serial entrepreneur and all round conversational AI veteran, Prof. Jason Mars, joins us to share his latest work in advanced conversational AI systems and where it’s all heading.

We chat about the current limitations of conversational AI technologies, why intent and slot-based systems only take you so far, what the future of NLU technologies looks like, and how ZeroShotBot is enabling brands to launch assistants in days without training data!

Dr. Jason Mars is Professor of Computer Science at Michigan University, author of Breaking Bots, co-founder of industry-leading banking AI company, Clinc, one of Voicebot’s top 11 AI technologists, Forbes 40 under 40 and voted one of the most innovative CEOs in banking.





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