Achieving high levels of automation with Sovran AI, CRO, Clive Elleforde

Achieving high levels of automation with Sovran AI, CRO, Clive Elleforde 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Meet the company that Google, ironically, brings in to solve complex voice automation projects in call centres.

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Achieving high levels of voice automation

When Google comes across a voice AI automation problem that it can’t solve, and needs to bring in another company to help solve it, you can assume that the company they use know a thing or two about voice AI. You can also assume that company has some compelling technology at its disposal. 

Meet Sovran AI CRO, Clive Elleforde. Clive has decades of experience in business, technology and startup growth and is leading the growth charge at UK-based voice AI tech company, Sovran AI.

Sovran AI has been reaching over 90% automation rates when automating conversations in contact centres with the likes of Sky. Compared to the average level of 11% automation reported by McKinsey, that’s pretty impressive.

Clive joins us to share more about what Sovran AI does, how it approaches voice AI automation, and some of the secret sauce that enables Sovran AI to achieve such high levels of accuracy, and so quickly (some Sovran AI projects have gone live in weeks).


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