AI literacy with Mara Cairo, Product Owner, Amii

AI literacy with Mara Cairo, Product Owner, Amii 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Mara Cairo, Product Owner, Amii joins us as she discusses AI Literacy

Mara Cairo, Product Owner at Amii, joins me to chat about how businesses be thinking about AI, how you should be implementing it, what your blind spots and challenges are likely to be and how to develop your AI literacy.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction
02:58 Welcome Mara
09:00 Clients using Amii
10:37 AI spectrum
15:30 Enabling companies to hire
16:30 Core team
18:09 Examples of the work Amii does
21:16 Similarities of requirements
24:58 How important data is
27:40 Automatic data labelling
31:30 Considerations for assessing business problems
39:20 Is AI fully explainable?
44:00 Concern about explain ability
52:20 What the future holds with AI
55:00 Outro

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Visit Mara Cairo’s company – Amii

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