AI in Healthcare with Adam Odessky, Sensley

AI in Healthcare with Adam Odessky, Sensley 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Adam Odessky, Sensley joins us as he discusses AI being used in Healthcare

Gartner recently forecast that by 2025, 50% of digital communications will be driven by AI avatars. A company that’s been using AI avatars for years to deliver AI-mediated healthcare services is Sensley.

Co-Founder and CEO, Adam Odessky, joins me to share the pros and cons of AI-mediated Avatars, as well as the Sensley story, AI in healthcare case studies and the shape of the AI market in healthcare.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction and welcome Adam Odessky
02:10 Adams journey at Sensley
08:40 Building Sensley
11:45 Transition to NLU systems
15:07 The first years of Sensley
23:38 What is the user interface?
27:00 Everything that has been built
30:30 What’s body recognition?
33:10 Product offerings
34:34 ‘70% of digital comms will be driven by AI avatars by 2025’
42:07 Interactions between humans and avatars
47:40 Generative AI and LLMs
51:23 Benefits of using LLMS
54:10 Outro

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