Avaya on enterprise AI strategy, with Davide Petramala

Avaya on enterprise AI strategy, with Davide Petramala 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Davide Petramala shares some deep insights on how organisations can get started and scale their voice and conversational AI efforts.


Avaya on AI Strategy

Davide Petramala, Director of Customer and Partner Onboarding, Avaya, joins us to share his take on improving your customer experience using conversational AI, and how you can do that using Avaya technology and approaches.

We’ll dive into the importance of customer experience and how the bar is constantly being raised, as well as what you can do to keep meeting rising customer expectations. We’ll discuss the value of conversational AI for enterprises and how you can get started and scale, whether to go big or go home vs starting small and iterating; waterfall vs agile approaches.

We’ll chat about Avaya’s approach to conversational AI, cloud technology and its ‘composable framework’ capabilities. We’ll talk conversational automation approaches, partnerships and multimodality and it’s right here on VUX World Live.




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