Check out Florida Blue’s multimodal marvel!

Check out Florida Blue’s multimodal marvel! 1120 840 Ben McCulloch

Where’s the best place to start your automation journey? Look for an issue you deal with every day that doesn’t require analytical thought to solve.

Florida Blue’s work with Kore AI provides an excellent example of what we mean!

A perfect use case

Florida Blue is an American health insurance provider. Their contact centre was receiving thousands of calls every day from customers who wanted to get a replacement ID card. Those customers had two options; self service with IVR or wait in a queue until an agent was available to help them.

This situation was less than ideal. Customers who chose IVR were only given the option for a replacement card to be mailed to them, whereas agents offered the same replacement card as well as advising the customer on how to see a printable digital version of their card.

So, the automated IVR only allowed customers to obtain a physical card, but the live agent offered a more efficient digital solution. There’s obvious room for improvement there, by automating the process to help customers obtain their digital card. It only requires basic guidance to resolve. This would free up live agents whose time is better spent helping callers with urgent and complex needs. That’s a perfect use case for automation!

What did they do?

Florida Blue worked with Kore AI to create a Visual IVR assistant. It helps customers obtain their digital ID card (as well as a few other use cases) and leaves the contact centre free to deal with callers who have more complex needs.

You might not have come across Visual IVR yet, but it’s a concept that’s likely to gain traction in the near future. It plays to the strengths of both IVR and visual interfaces.

IVR is great for routing calls within a call centre. It allows Florida Blue to have control over the service they provide to their customers, as well as analytics so that they have an overview of the types of calls they receive and can respond accordingly.

IVR’s not great for menus though because an audible menu is slower than a visual one. That’s because audio is linear. It takes time to listen through a menu such as “press 1 if you want to make a claim, press 2 if you want a digital ID card…”

On the other hand, visual interfaces excel at menus. Our eyes can rapidly skim over the menu and find what we need, at our own pace. Visual interfaces can also provide links to websites and other media that’s not easily communicated with audio.

So, Visual IVR marries the two strengths together. The caller is still routed within the contact centre, and can interact with those services when necessary, however they receive visual messages to guide them through their journey.

Show and tell

Now you know about Visual IVR, let’s see how Florida Blue’s Visual IVR Assistant works.

Let’s say a customer calls Florida Blue’s contact centre to ask for a replacement ID card – that’s when the new automated system comes into play.

From that moment, the customer is connected to Florida Blue’s voice assistant. As it’s a Visual IVR system, the customer receives an SMS message with a link to the form they need to fill out. The voice assistant talks them through the form-filling process and guides the customer all the way to downloading their completed digital ID card. They don’t even need to print it out – the card is secure and always available on their smart device.

For the customer, it feels like a seamless service – they call a contact centre and are routed to a digital assistant who helps them fill out their forms. It flows naturally.

Behind the scenes there’s a lot going on though! The customer called the contact centre’s IVR, which confirmed their need and routed them to a digital assistant. The assistant used two modalities – it both spoke with the customer and sent them SMS messages to guide them to the correct webpage. Then it helped them fill in a form. That’s a smart approach.


Since this system went live it’s been incredibly successful:

  • It provides over 1000 digital ID cards every day – for a contact centre that’s golden, because they don’t have to deal with those calls anymore and can focus on other customers with more complex needs.
  • They’ve managed to reduce the time customers have to wait in a queue, as well as the time it takes to have their issue resolved.
  • The Visual IVR system successfully deals with 90% of the calls it receives.
  • The service is available in both Spanish and English too!

To take a deeper dive into this case study, to learn how it was brought to life and more about the benefits Florida Blue has realised, join us at VUX @ VOICE22, presented by Kore AI.

To learn more about Kore AI, visit: https://kore.ai/

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