Customer journey analytics with Tim Friebel

Customer journey analytics with Tim Friebel 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Tim Friebel joins us on our VUX world podcast as he shares insights into customer journey analytics.

Tim Friebel is the Global Experience Transformation Lead at Genesys and brings a wealth of experience in customer journey analytics; a crucial and underserved element of conversational automation. Tim joins me to share the insights and tips that’ll help you understand your customers better and improve customer experience using customer journey analytics.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction
02:13 Welcome Tim
07:05 Tracking the customer journey
10:15 Where most activity is
13:30 Challenges faced
17:10 Large interactions
21:24 Personalised journeys
24:27 Best places to start
30:00 Traffic on the website
32:50 How having a bot helps you
34:50 Genesys set up
39:02 Tims role in projects
44:03 Customer experience perspective
46:03 Self sufficiency / gap in skills
49:06 Impact generative AI has had
51:51 Outcome of the implementation
54:00 Gaining enough data
56:10 One important metric
59:07 Outro

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