Google Assistant: 500m active users, popular Alexa skill: 300,000 daily users

Google Assistant: 500m active users, popular Alexa skill: 300,000 daily users 1800 1200 Kane Simms

At Project Voice in Chattanooga, TN, we saw some light shed on just how many people are using the Google Assistant, and some updated numbers on the kind of traffic one of the most popular Alexa skills handles.

Cathy Pearl, Head of Conversation Design Outreach, Google, towards the end of her presentation shared some numbers on how many monthly active users Google Assistant has.

500 million per month.

Thats across all surfaces and devices, but it’s a lot.

Google is the first of the big players to share numbers like this. Maybe it was waiting for the number to be high enough to warrant talking about.

I’d like to see the same numbers from Amazon. Now I’m wondering whether Amazon is also waiting to reach a noteworthy milestone before releasing them.

Nick Schwab, founder of Invoked Apps and creator of some of the most popular skills on Alexa, including Sleep Sounds and a host of ambient sounds, shared how much traffic his skills handle per day.

300,000 per day.

2% of users try the premium service and 90% of those convert into paying customers.

That’s doubled since we spoke to Nick on the VUX World podcast last year.

Of those 300,000, 15% of them were using a smart display of some kind, such as the Echo Show 10, 8 or 5.

So now that we’re starting to see some solid numbers coming from the platforms and smiths successful developers on those platforms, it would be good to see others follow suit and share the metrics behind their successes in order to validate the opportunity that these platforms present for organisations and individuals.

If you’ve been uncertain about the kind of opportunities that exist on these platforms for your company, or cautious about jumping in and investing, maybe these numbers will start to help you paint a clearer picture about whether you should and the size or the market and opportunity that you could take if you do.

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