Chatbot and LLM Analytics with Eric Griffing, Dashbot

Chatbot and LLM Analytics with Eric Griffing, Dashbot 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Join us as we discuss how businesses can leverage analytics to optimise customer interactions, the common pitfalls in current AI strategies, and the future of AI in customer service.

In this episode, Eric Griffing, Head of Growth Marketing at Dashbot, explores the evolving landscape of chatbot analytics and the integration of large language models (LLMs) in business strategies. From the granular details of measuring chatbot effectiveness to the strategic implementation of AI across business units, Eric provides an in-depth analysis on the importance of data-driven decisions in the era of AI transformation.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction and UNPARSED conference (Find out more at https://unparsedconf.com)
4:32 Welcom Eric Griffing
7:25 Best practice for measuring LLM agents
12:10 Differences tracking ML and LLM bots
14:00 Goal completion
19:00 What’s missing
22:00 How to set up tracking on chatbots
24:50 Tracking LLM chatbots
30:37 Air Canada’s chatbot issues
33:38 LLM guardrails
37:00 Using data to inform your AI strategy
41:00 Effort over satisfaction
44:30 Tracking customer effort in chatbots
48:40 Market demand for AI analytics
55:40 Wrap up

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