Scaling conversational AI with Roger Dill, Swisscom, and Per Ottosson, Artificial Solutions

Scaling conversational AI with Roger Dill, Swisscom, and Per Ottosson, Artificial Solutions 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Product Owner, Dialogue Management, AI and ML Group at Swisscom, Roger Dill, and CEO of Artificial Solutions, Per Ottosson, share insights on how to scale a conversational AI practice.


Scaling your conversational AI practice

Swisscom, Switzerland’s largest telco, has one of the most widespread uses of conversational AI we’ve seen to date. With voice-enabled set-top-boxes, customer service-based chat and messaging applications, as well as a voice-enabled IVR system for call routing, Swisscom is all-in on voice and conversational AI. Roger Dill heads up the Dialogue Management, AI and ML product and has scaled its efforts from a single chatbot, to a sophisticated multichannel suite of conversational capabilities.

Artificial Solutions, the company behind Microsoft-LUIS-powered voice development platform, Teneo, has seen its fair share of enterprise conversational AI deployments. CEO Per Ottosson, formerly IPSoft Amelia, is well versed in the conversational AI space and, given that he’s been involved in countless enterprise voice and conversational AI rollouts, including that of Swisscom, has unique perspectives into the trends, strategies and direction of the market. 

Hear from both Per and Roger about what it takes to scale conversational AI across the business. We cover areas such as:

  • Organisational skills and team requirements
  • Quantifying and measuring success and the challenges surrounding that
  • Swisscom’s approach to its technology architecture and its modular approach
  • Artificial Solutions’ approach to tooling and why developers are key to successful conversational AI deployments
  • Challenges you’ll face when scaling solutions
  • Considerations for those getting started
  • And much, much, much more


Connect with Per Ottosson and Roger Dill on Linkedin

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