A deep dive into cross-platform voice development with Jan König

A deep dive into cross-platform voice development with Jan König 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Find out all about the Jovo framework that lets you create Alexa Skills and Google Assistant apps at the same time, using the same code!

You know how you always need to write platform-specific code for everything? One lot of code for your iOS app, another load for Android and more for Windows (if you even bother). Well, the same challenges exist today when creating voice apps. Well, those challenges did exist, until Jovo came along.

With the Jovo framework, you can create an Alexa Skill and a Google Assistant app all from the same lot of code. It’s part of Jovo’s bigger mission to enable you to create multi-modal experiences with ease and to join together the sporadic tech outlets to create a unified experience across all devices and platforms.

Our Guest

Jan König is one of the co-founders of Jovo and we’re speaking to him today about all things cross-platform voice development. We’ll hear from Jan about things like:

  • what ‘multi-modal’ actually means
  • features of the Jovo framework
  • the Jovo community and Jovo Studios
  • the differences between developing for Alexa and Google Assistant
  • the challenges of developing voice experiences
  • the skills needed for building Skills
  • designer and developer relationships in the voice world
  • testing voice apps
  • Jovo 1.0 and the future of Jovo


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