How HSBC is using conversational AI with Andy Kingston, HSBC

How HSBC is using conversational AI with Andy Kingston, HSBC 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Andy Kingston joins us to talk us through the ways that HSBC is using conversational AI to improve customer experience.

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HSBC using conversational AI

Learn how one of the world’s largest global banks is using conversational AI in its call centre to improve customer experience. Andy Kingston, Head of UK Customer Service Strategy and Transformation at HSBC, joins us to share key insights and learnings from HSBC’s journey with conversational AI.

00:00 Intro and welcome Deepgram
00:57 Introduction to Andy Kingston
03:34 Where did the need from conversational AI come from?
07:37 Meeting customer expectations
12:30 Different pros and cons of voice and chat
15:07 Building language models
16:25 Starting with chat channels
21:25 Collaboration with internal teams
27:02 Future of all channels having a AI assistant
31:02 Current supported use cases
36:12 Other customer needs that aren’t available yet
39:05 Measuring the value
45:30 Containment rate and conversation success
49:15 Judging quality from agents and assistants
51:30 Can some bots be too quick?
54:00 Levelling up communication
1:00:35 Outro

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