The need for AI privacy, with Patricia Thaine, CEO, Private AI

The need for AI privacy, with Patricia Thaine, CEO, Private AI 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Patricia Thaine, CEO, Private AI, joins us on our podcast to discuss the importance of privacy as it relates to AI.

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Importance of privacy in AI

Just how much of your data is being processed by AI systems? And to what end? Most of us don’t have a clue what’s happening to the data we share with businesses on a day to day basis. We don’t even know what data is being captured in the first place. Throw AI assistants into the mix and we’re even more lost than we were.

With algorithms making decisions and AI assistants mediating our interactions, understanding what data is being captured, how it’s stored and used is crucial if we’re ever going to fully trust AI services and the companies that run them. Yet most companies are way behind here. Most have big blind spots.

Joining us to shed light on this and reveal these blind spots is Patricia Thaine, CEO, Private AI.

00:00 Intro and Welcome to Deepgram
02:32 Introduction to Patricia Thaine
07:30 Do companies realise they are storing private data?
10:18 When people realise there data is being used
12:45 Finding PII in data leaks
14:28 Fuelling the focus on privacy
17:20 Will worrying about privacy last?
22:23 Identifying PII data
24:09 Where private AI fits in
26:02 Applying private AI to stored audio recordings
28:13 Missing out on insight
31:45 Where is the biggest need for Private AI
33:57 Difference between Private AI and others
35:46 Development and training
38:40 Blind spots businesses have around privacy
40:40 Future of managing privacy
44:07 Considering where the data is stored
47:40 Outro

Find out more at private-ai.com

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