How ABN AMRO Bank scales its conversational AI, with Jeroen Das, Product Owner

How ABN AMRO Bank scales its conversational AI, with Jeroen Das, Product Owner 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Jeroen Das, Product Owner, ABN AMRO bank, gives us an insight into how ABN AMRO is scaling its conversational AI solutions.

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Scaling Conversational AI

ABN AMRO Bank is the market-leading bank in The Netherlands, and Jeroen Das is leading the conversational automation charge. We chat with Jeroen about use cases, channels, business drivers and outcomes, as well as tips and tricks for scaling your conversational AI from nothing to over 1.5 million conversations per year.

00:00 Intro and Welcome to Deepgram
02:22 Introduction to Jereon Das
06:08 Conversational AI POC
11:07 Why create a digital avatar?
13:35 Measuring the success of a proof of concept
15:14 Strategies for getting something into production
19:30 Digital assistants: where to start
25:37 Senior ownership vs grassroots movement
29:45 How to use different types of data
32:21 Key skills teams need to mature
37:18 Misconceptions of senior leadership
41:18 Today’s chatbot use cases at ABN AMRO
48:35 How to educate stakeholders
54:26 Future: digital humans and AI call centres
1:00:20 Outro

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