How Rabobank uses conversational AI with Stefan Bijkerk

How Rabobank uses conversational AI with Stefan Bijkerk 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Stefan Bijkerk discusses with us on our podcast the ways that Rabobank is using conversational AI.

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How Rabobank are using conversational AI

Rabobank is one of the leading banks in The Netherlands. Join Stefan Bijkerk, Data-analyst & Conversational AI Specialist, Rabobank, to learn all about the use cases and channels used by Rabobank’s AI assistant to serve its customers and the business value it brings. Learn how Rabobank approaches identifying use cases and taking ideas from concept to production, as well as conversation design best practices for the banking industry.

00:00 Introduction and welcome Deepgram
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02:40 Welcome Stefan Bijkerk
9:02 The first project
11:22 Going live for the first time
12:40 Gaining data
15:35 Different types of testing for chatbots
20:00 Did the pandemic affect the plans?
23:00 The bots technical performances
26:08 The business success
29:00 2020 – 2022 growth
38:50 The process
41:50 Transactional use cases
43:55 IVR use cases
51:50 Skills needed for conversational AI success
56:20 The future for Rabobank
57:30 Outro

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