How Empire Today uses conversational AI with Philip Bennett

How Empire Today uses conversational AI with Philip Bennett 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Philip Bennett joins us to speak about how Empire Today has been using conversational AI.

Presented by Deepgram

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Philip Bennett is the Customer Service Operations Manager at Empire Today, the USA’s largest direct-to-consumer shop-at-home flooring provider. Philip joins us to share case studies on how Empire Today is using conversational AI to improve customer experience and business outcomes. We’ll chat about what’s working, what’s not, and how a ‘traditional’ business can apply emerging technology and fuel its transformation efforts.

00:00 Introduction and welcome Deepgram
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03:44 Introducing Phillip Bennet
10:20 Technology potential
12:49 Where the process started
21:40 Problems found before chat bots
28:10 First experiment with conversational AI tech
37:40 Advice on how to judge success of agent assist AI
44:00 Turning data into chat bots
50:15 Booking appointments live chat v chat bot
53:38 Measuring the impact
56:46 Outro

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