Integrating DialogFlow into your contact centre with Justin Randall

Integrating DialogFlow into your contact centre with Justin Randall 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Learn everything you need to know about integrating your first DialogFlow bot into your contact centre.


Integrating DialogFlow into your contact centre

Justin Randall, Chief Innovation Officer at Comwave, one of Canada’s largest independent telco companies, joins us to share his experiences of designing, building and implementing a Google DialogFlow agent in the contact centre.

We’ll cover the drivers for doing it, the process he followed, the things he learned and advice for doing the same.


00:00 Intro
04:30 About Justin Randall and Comwave
10:30 Replacing the IVR
12:23 What can ‘Penny’ do?
13:39 How do you determine success for your conversational AI
19:30 Understanding where you should start
21:50 Who manages the updates and maintenance?
23:20 Glen Ritchie: What KPIs do you use for your conversational AI?
26:15 How much time is spent defining requirements?
27:44 Heidi Cohen: What books and resources would you recommend?
29:29 John Novak: Do you use a tree structure like in IVR?
32:23 Deymi Campos: How fast can you deploy a change in your conversational AI?
35:50 What does your automated testing set up look like?
40:24 Andrew Francis: Are you using the DialogFlow Telephone Gateway?
43:45 Deymi Campos: Sometimes different TFNs need different config, do you have this feature?
45:15 Georgios Tserdanelis: Did you design a persona for Penny or use a custom voice?
48:37 jusfc: Is Penny available as a chatbot as well?
51:10 Advice for people starting out in their conversational AI journey
56:00 Closing thoughts from Justin


Connect with Justin Randall

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