An AI modelled on the human brain, with Peter Voss, CEO, Aigo

An AI modelled on the human brain, with Peter Voss, CEO, Aigo 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

What happens when you build a conversational AI framework that’s modelled on the human brain? The coiner of the term ‘AGI’, Peter Voss, joins us to reveal all.

Peter Voss coined the term ‘AGI’ (artificial general intelligence) and is one of the best brains in the business to discuss the real potential of artificial intelligence to behave like humans. Can we build machines that can think? That are conscious? What needs to happen for us to have that ever-present AI assistant we’ve been dreaming of? The JARVIS, the Holly, the Computer, the Hal’s of the world. Peter Voss is the co-founder, CEO and Chief Scientist at Aigo, a conversational AI technology that uses a brain-like cognitive architecture – also known as ‘The Third Wave of AI’.

According to Peter, this approach puts Aigo at ‘Light Years’ ahead of chatbots and other so-called ‘Personal Assistants’, and puts it at the forefront of Conversational AI.

Current chatbot technologies used in the enterprise and consumer space, have serious inherent limitations: They do not remember what was said before, cannot learn interactively, do not have deep contextual understanding, and cannot reason or explain themselves. This makes meaningful ongoing conversation impossible.

This capability gap has created massive unmet demand – one Aigo aims to fill.

In this episode of VUX World, Kane Simms is joined by Peter Voss to go deep on the potential of AI to mimic or become conscious, the limitations of other AI systems and the Aigo way.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction and presenting VUX World @ VOICE22 Presented by Kore AI
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03:41 Do we understand the human brain?
07:17 The progress of AI
11:40 What is intelligence?
14:00 Solving novel problems
22:08 Is Aigo an AGI?
26:00 The AI fulfilment challenge
30:00 The AI brain vs domain debate
36:45 AI reasoning
41:18 Is IQ used to measure AI intelligence
45:41 Measuring success
48:52 Handling the voice channel
52:40 The future of AI and multimodal interfaces
55:06 Excitement of what’s to come with this technology
1:00:50 Outro

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Visit – https://aigo.ai/

Peter Voss on Medium https://medium.com/@petervoss

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