Bringing conversational commerce to life with Brian Podolak, CEO, Vocodia

Bringing conversational commerce to life with Brian Podolak, CEO, Vocodia 1600 1200 Kane Simms

A deep conversation about how Vocodia is automating voice commerce use cases in the call centre.

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Presented by Deepgram and Symbl.ai

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Conversational commerce

Conversational commerce is a topic that is never far away from the headlines, but the practical application in the real world seems to be lagging behind the expectations of the conversational AI industry and technology analysts. Although purchases through voice assistant platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google assistant are increasing marginally year-on-year, we’re not seeing the kind of explosion that we might have expected back in 2017.

How about if you were to deploy an AI agent in the CallCenter to make outbound sales calls or receive inbound sales calls? How effective would that be? Adoption is backed into the channel, expectations are already understood and saw the potential is seemingly endless.

We are joined by Brian Podolak, CEO of a new start-up, vocoder, which is seeking to revolutionise sales in the CallCenter. We will speak to Brian about use cases, the trends he is seeing in the conversational commerce space, and how organisations can utilise and benefit from AI managed sales.


  • 00:00 Intro and shout out to Deepgram and Symbl.ai
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  • 03:24 Welcome Brian
  • 08:08 Call centre challenges and automation goals
  • 11:40 AI is more than cost saving
  • 16:10 Feeling more comfortable talking to bots
  • 17:50 Outbound dialling AI use cases
  • 21:50 Key qualities for stand out customer experience
  • 24:20 End to end Ai processes
  • 28:00 AI leads to new business requirements
  • 33:27 Data analysis and insights
  • 39:30 Making data-based AI solutions
  • 41:40 Vocodia technology pipeline
  • 50:00 Importance of speed and how to mask API delays
  • 56:40 Next steps for AI technology
  • 58:08 Outro


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Find out more about Vocodia: https://vocodia.com

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