Conversational AI for drive through restaurants with Anik Seth, HUEX

Conversational AI for drive through restaurants with Anik Seth, HUEX 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Anik Seth joins us to discuss how HUEX is bringing conversational AI to drive through restaurants.

Conversational AI works perfectly when it’s applied to conversations that are routine. Conversations that happen all the time with regularity are prime opportunities to automate because they’re typically conversations that have defined outcomes. Outcomes that can get boring for a human to pursue.

The drive through ordering experience is one of those scenarios. Vehicle after vehicle, having variations of the same conversation, day in, day out. Many have tried to experiment with conversational AI for this use case, most notably, McDonalds.

However, just because users are having a similar conversation each time, that doesn’t make this use case simple. McDonald’s, for example, has hundereds of different menu items, different prices based on different locations and promotions changing constantly. Then you have to handle all kinds of ambient noise, different accents and even languages.

The drive through ordering experience is therefore pretty complex for an AI to handle. But, handle it, it does.

We’re joined by HUEX Co-Founder, Anik Seth, to discuss how HUEX approaches the problem of creating a voice assistant for drive through restaurants. We’ll look at common challenges faced, how the technology works in practice and the value it’s bringing some of its early clients.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction and presenting VUX World @ VOICE22 Presented by Kore AI
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03:41 All about Anik Seth, Co-Founder, HUEX
06:15 AI for drive through ordering
11:45 Where to start
17:10 Interaction from customers
23:00 Scalable AI services
26:26 Approaching designing a conversation
29:15 Challenges
32:02 Does each franchise have AI autonomy
35:14 Feedback from customers
37:35 What do the workers think?
40:32 Value that the AI is delivering
43:55 Is HUEX purely just for Drive thru?
47:27 The future for conversational AI
51:10 Outro

Find out more at – https://www.huex.ai/

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