Conversations Squared #4 Dr Joan Palmiter Bajorek

Conversations Squared #4 Dr Joan Palmiter Bajorek 2380 2380 Ben McCulloch

Dr Joan Palmiter Bajorek is easily one of the best known people in conversational AI – for Women in Voice, for her public speaking, for her experience at the likes of Nuance, and now for her work as VP of Product Research (Data Analytics) at OneReach AI.

After reading Robb Wilson’s excellent book Age of Invisible Machines (Robb is the CEO of OneReach AI) I had questions about how the work of conversation designers might change – how might hyperautomation and hyperpersonalisation affect our day to day work, and specifically user research? We’re used to making generalised user personas. What will we do when we have countless bots adapted to countless users? I asked Joan about these things and more…


In this episode

00:00 Start
00:59 Joan’s experience
03:22 Age of invisible machines
05:25 30 seconds, go!
08:36 How will emerging technologies (like generative aI) effect our work?
13:16 Generative ai is a wild entity
14:33 ChatGPT has amazing powers, but struggles with the basics
16:59 How do you monitor the different ‘hypersonalised’ bots?
19:20 On MVPs
20:08 Personalised bots will become default
20:51 Can we adjust to a user’s prosody and dialect?
23:14 What’s the best approach to act on insights and data?
26:48 When we’re ‘more agile than agile’ how should we act on data?
28:36 Bots are complex on the back-end but should feel natural on the front end
30:15 Where does user research fit in teams with hyper-automation?

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