The value of emotional AI with Rana Gujral, CEO, Behavioral Signals

The value of emotional AI with Rana Gujral, CEO, Behavioral Signals 1600 1200 Kane Simms

Learn how this deep learning technology is generating increased revenue and improved customer outcomes.

Presented by Deepgram and Symbl.ai

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Emotion AI

Behavioral Signals CEO, Rana Gujral, joins us to share how its emotional AI mediated technology is leading to 12-17% revenue improvement, +8% Call Success Ratio and +10% Customer Satisfaction in the call centre.

We discuss how Behavioral Signals technology works and the use cases it enables, such as:

– AI mediated conversations, which is able to take a voice print of call centre agents to understand their conversational style, then take the same voice print from a caller and automatically pair the caller with an agent that matches their conversational style. This results in better conversations and customer experience, improving CSAT and NPS.
– Oliver AI, which is a suite of APIs that allows developers and brands to build their own solutions using Behavioral Signals core technology.

We also discuss Rana Gujral career and learnings from his experience founding and selling companies in the emerging technology space.


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